How To Add All Friends To Facebook Group At Once – [Working]

Social Media is the most popular way through which everyone communicates with their friends and family. It is also a platform where one can meet and talk with new people. Many of us have friends who we have met only through social media but never met in real. This is the power which social media holds in our lives today. If we are talking about communicating over social media then we can’t forget about Facebook.

It won’t be wrong if we say that Facebook was the first social media platform through which we started to meet new people and started talking with them. There will be many people out there who must have met some of their best friends through social media. This is the revolution which Facebook brought in our lives. Facebook is a very larger platform in which there are millions of users who use it. It’s a platform on which we can do chatting with our friends, share some photos or videos and post about some of our other activities which we do in our day to day routine. We also reach new people on Facebook and share our posts with them. So, Facebook has a very awesome feature to create groups in which you can add the people you want to or with which you want to share anything. Some people also refer groups by name of the community.

What Are Facebook Groups? Why We Really Need Them?

Facebook basically has three different medium to communicate with a larger audience. Either we can use our personal Profile or we can create a Fan Page. But on the other there are groups.
Groups are basically different from all of the above. In pages only admins can post and on the other hand personal profiles can be managed by individual and have very limited features. Groups allow us to create a community of multiple people. Where an individual, an organization or a business can promote their activities. Group either can be an open, closed or secrets depends on its type. Users can join groups which will allow them to post and participate in the discussions. In this way, we reach to more people and get to know their ideas, thoughts and much more.

Benefits Of Having Facebook Group Instead Of Profiles & Pages.

So, now you might have an idea about what Facebook groups are that you have understood the concept of groups. In recent few years, Facebook is becoming a more business-oriented platform. So the concept of Facebook groups is also grown beyond the simple community for interaction. Now people are using to Buy, Sell or to make secure deals through Facebook groups.

But for all that, we need a much stronger community with a huge number of members. So here the major problem arises. Facebook only allows us to add only one user in a group at a time. Suppose, if you have 5000 friends on Facebook profile (which is the limit of adding friends on Facebook) and you want to add all of them to a group then what will you do. You will have to add your every friend one by one. In this way, you will waste so much of your time only to add each of your friends. You must have started to worry about it but there is no need to worry about it, we have the solution for you. So you can easily add all friends to the Facebook group in one click. We have described the whole process below. So, let’s start:

Add All Friends to Facebook Group In One Click.

There are basically two methods or ways with which you can add your all Facebook friends to a group in one click. First is, using Javascript which is also called the traditional method. Second is, which is a more simple method, by using a chrome extension. We will describe both of these methods one by one.

Method I:- Using Google Chrome Extension (Group Invite All).

This is the second method to add all friends to a Facebook group in one click. In this method, we use an extension which is available for free in the Chrome browser. It is an easy and simple way to do it from the other method. You can use this method only in Google Chrome Browser as the extension is not available in other browsers. We have explained how it can be done below:

Step 1. In this method, you have to add an extension to your chrome browser. The name of the extension is “Group Invite All”. We have also attached the direct link to that extension below:

Chrome Button

Step 2. You must make sure that the extension is successfully installed. After that, you have to go to the group in which you want to add all your friends. Then, you have to click on the extension and the following screen will appear on the screen:


Add All Friends

Step 3. Now, you can fill in the “Time Interval” in the option given. You can fill it by yourself. After this, you have to click on “Start Adding” button.

Step 4. It will automatically start adding your friends to the group you want to add. This process can take some time.

Adding Friends

Step 5. When the whole process will be done, all of your Facebook friends will be added to the Facebook group in one click.

Method II:- Adding All friends to Facebook Group By Using the Toolkit Chrome Extension.

Sometimes the above extension doesn’t work but there is another extension available in the Chrome browser. The name of this extension is “Toolkit for FB”. This extension can also be used to add all friends to the Facebook group in one click. Here are the steps to use this extension:

Step 1. First of all, you have to add the toolkit for FB extension to your chrome browser. Below is the direct link to add the extension to the browser:

Chrome Button

Step 2. After adding the extension to the browser, you have to click on the icon of the extension. There will appear a menu in which you can see different tools for Facebook as follows:

Toolkit Extension

Step 3. There will be a search bar in it. In the search bar, you have to type “Invite all friends to join”. You will see a tool will appear on the screen.

Invite all Friends

Step 4. You have to now click on the “Start Tool” button. Then, you will be redirected to another page.

Step 5. On this page, there will be a form which you have to fill. You have to fill the time interval between the requests, the URL of your group, an invitation note(Optional). Also, there will be an option there to select the friends you want to add.

Form To Invite All Friends


Step 6. After filling the form, now you have to click on the “Submit” button which will be on the bottom of the page. As a result, it will start sending the group invites to the friends you have selected previously. With this way, you can add all friends to the Facebook group in one click.

Method III:- Using The Traditional Javascript Method.

Important Note:- We don’t recommend to use javascript method to add huge number friends in group. This may lead facebook to block you account for fews days to add new members.

Step 1. In this method, we will provide you a code which you will have to copy and paste on the console of the page.

Download Script

Step 2. After you have downloaded the code, Extract it using Winrar or any zip extractor tool. Then copy code from Notepad.

Step 3.¬† After that, you have to open the page of your Facebook group. You must have now opened the page of your group, you have to just “Left Click” on the page and the following dialog box will appear.

Inspect Option of Webpage


Step 4. You have to click on the “Inspect” button. Once you have clicked on it, you will see that a number of options will appear.

Console of Webpage


Step 5. You now have to click on the “Console” button. After you have clicked on the console button, there will appear a blank screen where you have to paste the code which you downloaded in step 1.

Step 5. Now, click on “Enter” from the keyboard. The code will now run and it will add all friends to the Facebook group which you want.

In this way, you can add all friends to the Facebook group in a very short time rather than adding them one by one.

So, these were the ways through which you can add all friends to the Facebook group with just in one click and you can save a lot of time doing it this way. We hope you have liked the trick and make sure you tell your friends about this too. This is all for today’s article. We will see you in the next article with some new amazing tricks.