How To Delete Duplicate Files on Android

Android Smartphones are used by most of us nowadays. And, we download different files, apps and much more on the device. We also delete a lot of number files frequently. But sometimes, a lot of duplicate files are made while doing so. So, today we are here to tell you how you can delete duplicate files on your android phone.

Most of the times, we actually don’t care about these duplicate files. But, you should really start taking care of it. Because these files might take up to 10% of your phone’s memory space. This space can be pretty useful. As if it’s free, it will help your smartphone to work faster. Or you can use this store some of your data.

As I mentioned before that duplicate files are most commonly made up when you download a lot of things from the internet. Then, you delete it. You must be thinking why we can’t keep a record of these. It can be done but it’s a very difficult task to do. Because these files are made in hundreds.

Also, duplicate files are never saved in one folder only. So, you can can’t just go, check and delete these files manually. These are saved in multiple folders which are hidden folder within folder. Because of these reasons, you have to use some methods or ways to delete duplicate files from your android phone. We have researched and found some best methods for you. So that you can delete and remove all duplicate files from your android smartphone. So, let’s start with those methods.

Delete Duplicate Files on Android.

Deleting duplicate files manually can be a difficult task. There are various methods which can ease this work for you. In these methods, several applications are used to delete duplicate files. All these applications are available on google play store.

And, these all are trusted applications. So, you can use them without worrying about your privacy and security. There are a lot of duplicate files deleting application available. But, we have come up with some best and most trusted applications to delete duplicate files from an Android smartphone. Here they are:

Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover.

Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover Logo

Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover is the best application to delete the duplicate files on google play store. This tool will easily find all the duplicate files from your android smartphone. Then, delete it easily. Through this application, you will also find not only duplicated media as well as various types of duplicated documents. With this, you can also filter your search. So, you can limit your search just to videos, images or any other files type. It will search all the files on your phone from each of its corners.  Then, it will delete them easily and effortlessly. You can download and install this application from the direct link given below.

PlayStore Download Button

So, you know what does this app do. Now, we will talk about it’s working which is pretty simple. After installing the application, you just have to open it. Then, you have to scan a file by clicking on the “Scan Now” button. It also offers you to scan audio, video, images, and documents differently. But, you must go for a Full Scan.  After that, it will show you the duplicate files. Then, you can delete those files by clicking on the delete button. You must check all the files before deleting. You can also choose which files you want to delete or not.

There are several features of this application which are given below:

  • Accurately and Easily Identifies Duplicate Files.
  • Backup all files before deleting them.
  • Permission before deleting any duplicate files.

Search Duplicate File (SDF).

Search Duplicate Files Logo

Search Duplicate File is an application which search & locate all the duplicate files then remove them. With this application, you can not only scan your internal storage but it will allow you to scan the external SD card as well as OTG storage. After scanning, it will always show you the files with their original location in the device. This will help you in thinking if you really want to delete a particular file. There is a feature called Smart Selector in it. This feature will help in differentiating between two same files regardless of the size, name, and extension of the file. It also offers you to save or share files before deleting it. Below is the direct link to download this application:

PlayStore Download Button

The working is pretty simple. After installing the application, just launch it. Then, you will see the internal storage and external SD card. All the folders will already be selected. You can also de-select the folders you want. Then, just click on the search icon at the bottom of the screen. It will start looking for duplicate files. When the search is done then it will present those files in front of you. You can check all the files there. After it, just click on the delete icon. And, it will delete all the duplicate files.

Other than Smart-Selector feature, there are a lot of other features in this application which are:

  • Wildcard characters are supported.
  • Search Result Filteration.

Duplicate Media Remover.

Duplicate Media Remover Logo

Duplicate Media Remover is an application which will allow you to delete all media like audio, images, videos and more from your android smartphone. This will scan your internal storage as well as the external SD card. After scanning, it will preview all original and duplicating files in front of you. So, you can select the files which you really want to delete it. Because if a file is deleted once, you won’t be able to recover it back. Also, it offers you to perform routine scanning of your device which will allow you to maintain its speed and performance. Here is the direct link to download duplicate media remover application:

PlayStore Download Button

After installing the application, you can simply open the file. Then, it will automatically start scanning your device for all the duplicate files. This scan will be performed in the background. You will be notified once the scan is finished. Then, you can simply click on the “Show Duplicate” button. It will show all the duplicate with its original files. You just have to preview all the files before deleting. For deleting, just click on the “Delete” icon and all the selected duplicate files will be deleted easily. There are various features which are offered by this application are given below:

  • Schedule Scan on a weekly, daily basis.
  • Stats are maintained for all the scans which are done.


So here were are a verdict on how you can delete duplicate files on android smartphone. Although, these are third party applications but still these are very trusted and secure applications. So, you can use them without any worries. And, these will surely help you in deleting duplicate files. It will help you in freeing more disk space of your device as well as increase its performance and speed. We have also used all three of these applications before presenting it in front of you. We hope you have liked it and will share it with your friends too. Also, we will be back again soon with some new tricks and tips. Until then, its a Bye from our side. Hope you enjoy!