How To Dual Boot Remix OS With Windows 7/8/10

With our devices becoming smarter and smarter, a huge hand in such development is the software. Software is the part of any device that deals with the interface and running instructions of a device. In most of the devices, we mainly see Windows and Mac for PC whereas Android and iOS in mobile devices. But, is there a way to run Android on a PC? Is there a way users can install and use Android apps on a computer? The answer is yes and we are going to tell you how. The solution is remix OS. As previously we also discuss doing dual boot Chrome OS and Windows OS easily. In this article, we are going to tell you what Remix OS is, and how you can install it on your Windows PC. Here we have an easy method to create a dual boot Remix OS with windows, so you can switch seamlessly between a full-fledged Windows PC and a light customized Android OS.

What Is Remix OS?

Remix OS is a specially developed interface over Android marshmallow that is compatible with the PC hardware. It is designed in such a way that it has become an entire operating system and integrates seamlessly with the PC hardware. It supports all Android apps and functions along with the tweaks we are used to on a windows computer. We can use keyboard shortcuts and there is an explorer-like a file explorer as well. It also supports all the basic settings like battery and WiFi networks and other settings as well.

How To Dual Boot Remix OS And Windows.

Given below are detailed steps on how to install and dual boot Remix OS and Windows. Follow them carefully to install remix is along with your existing Windows OS.

Steps to install and dual boot remix os with windows are :

Step 1. Download the Remix OS ISO file as well as the Remix OS installer. Choose the proper versions as there are different versions for 32bit and 64bit systems.

Download Button

Note: Legacy Boot is only supported by the 64-bit system. 32bit is coming soon. UEFI mode can be used for both.

Step 2. Unzip the downloaded file and you will see their files here.
1. Remix OS.iso
2. Remix OS installation tool.
3. How to install.txt.

Remix OS Installation Files


Step 3. Run the installation tool by double-clicking it. Now select “Hard Disk” under type and the partition where you want to install underdrive.

Remix OS Installation Windows

Note: Make sure you do not install it in C: drive. We prefer that you make a new partition of a minimum of 20 GB. To know more about ways to create a partition in windows, read here.

Step 4. Click OK once you make sure everything is fine and you are ready to go forward with the installation.

Step 5. Once the installation is done, reboot your system. But read the next step.

Step 6. You may need to disable secure boot in the boot menu of the system. To open the boot menu, you need to press a special key while you see your system logo during power on. Each manufacturer has its own hotkey and you can google yours. For eg. F12 for Dell and Lenovo, F9 for HP, etc. Once you enter into the boot setting, change to “UEFI boot with secure disabled”. Save changes and boot system again.

Change Boot Mode


Step 7. Then, during a boot just select Remix OS when the option shows up and we are good to go.

Remix OS Screenshot


And now you have successfully installed Remix OS and you can Dual Boot any OS according to your usage.

In conclusion, this is the best way to install and run dual boot remix os with windows OS. If you face any difficulty in this tutorial, feel free to contact us or even leave a comment below. Share your thoughts with us.