How To Hide Whatsapp Photos And Videos From Phone Gallery

Messaging is a great way to communicate with each other. We all have a default messaging app in our phone. But, we always don’t want to use the default messaging application to chat with our friends. Also, as we all know, the default messaging application on our phones is not very effective and efficient. WhatsApp is the best alternative to those apps as it has more elegant features in it. It is a free multifunction messaging app which is much more effective and efficient app as compared to others. We can message each other on it as well as share photos and videos through it.

Whenever we receive a photo or a video on Whatsapp, it is directly saved in our phone and it also appears in our phone’s default gallery. So, whenever someone is going through the gallery, he or she can see all the photos shared over WhatsApp. It is like indirectly giving access to our WhatsApp conversations. I don’t think that anybody will like it. So, we are going to tell you how you can hide the Whatsapp photos and videos from the phone’s default gallery.

Previously, we had to use some third party application to hide WhatsApp photos and videos. But fortunately, now Whatsapp has introduced a feature which allows us to hide the shared or received photos and videos from the gallery. This new feature will help us in a way that it prevents the photos and videos on WhatsApp to be saved automatically in our phone’s gallery.

You must have a question in your mind if the media doesn’t appear in the gallery then where you can see them. You will still be able to see that media file in the Whatsapp in which they were received. In this way, you can block the indirectly access to your WhatsApp conversation. If you didn’t know about this feature then you must don’t know how to use it. We hope that the information about the feature will be helpful. Now, we are going to tell you how you can use this feature.

Hide WhatsApp Photos And Videos from Default Gallery.

Whatsapp has introduced the feature which is called ” Media Visibility”. This feature allows us to set the visibility of the newly downloaded media in our phone’s gallery. We can allow or block the visibility of the WhatsApp photos and videos from our default gallery. This feature is given for an individual chat as well as for all chats. Here are the methods to use it in both ways.

Method 1:- Hide Whatsapp Media From Phone Gallery.

In this method, we are going to explain to you how you can hide the Whatsapp media from the gallery for all of the chats you have. By using this feature, you don’t have to worry if anyone sends you a photo or a video. Because it won’t be visible in the gallery.

Step I. First of all, you have to open your Whatsapp on your phone. Your phone screen will appear as follows:

Step II. Now, click on the overflow icon (three vertical dots) which will be at the top-right corner of the screen. It will open a small menu which will look as given below.

Step III. The menu will have a number of options in it. You have to click on the “Settings” button in the menu. It will take you to the Whatsapp Settings.

Step IV. Then, there will be an option as “Chat” in the settings. You will have to click on that option and the following screen will appear on the screen.

Step V. There will be a number of settings available in there. But there will be an option as “Media Visibility” in it. This option must be enabled by default.

Step VI. After this, you just have to disable this feature. It will change the Whatsapp settings. From now, any of the Whatsapp media won’t be visible in the phone’s default gallery.


By following these easy steps, you will be able to hide the WhatsApp media from the gallery. Keep in mind that it will disable all the photos and videos from being visible in the gallery. Then, you will be able to access them only through the threads in which they are.

Method 2:- Hide Whatsapp Media From Gallery For A Specific Person.

Sometimes we don’t want to hide all the WhatsApp media from our phone’s gallery. But we only want to hide the incoming photos and videos from a specific person. Whatsapp has taken care of this also. They have also given an option to disable media visibility for a specific person. Here is how you can do it.

Step I. Here, you have to open the Whatsapp on your phone. There must be a lot of chats in your WhatsApp.

Step II. Now, you just have to navigate and open the chat of that specific person whose incoming photos and videos, you want to hide.

Step III. After you have opened the chat of that specific person then you have to click on the name of that person.

Step IV. You will now see that your phone screen will look alike as the below screen. There will be plenty of options in there.

Step V. Ignore all the other options and click on the “Media Visibility” option. It will open a small dialog box on your phone’s screen. It will appear as follows:

Whatsapp Media Visibility

Step VI. There will be three options in order as “Default(No)”, “Yes” and “No”. Here you have to select the “No” option which will be the third one. Then, click on “OK”. It will now disable the media visibility for that specific person.

Disable Media in Gallery

By disabling the media visibility, you have now made sure that the incoming media from that specific person doesn’t show in your phone’s gallery in the future. In this way, you don’t need to disable the media visibility of the whole WhatsApp media which is a very smart move by Whatsapp for their users.


So, these were the ways which you can use to hide the Whatsapp photos and videos from the phone’s default gallery without any use of the third party app. We have made it as simple as we can be. So, it should be understandable to you. We hope this must have helped you and you will take full advantage of this feature. We will be back again soon. Until then, it’s Bye from our side.