How To Change DNS On Android (3 Possible Ways)

DNS is an abbreviation of Domain Name System which might be a new word for you. But what if I tell you that you are using this in your day to day life. Yes, you read it right. We use DNS when our android phone is connected to WiFi or Mobile data, we can mainly use it for the Internet. Today, you will learn more about DNS and mainly how you can change DNS on android.

Domain Name System (or Service or Server), you can call it by any name, connects our Local IP address to Server’s IP address while we use the Internet. You can say that it is used as a gateway between them. DNS is also referred to as the phone book of the internet. Because it converts the domain name into the IP address where it is stored on a server. If DNS wasn’t there then you have to remember an IP address like for each website whenever you want to open it. But now you don’t have to only because of it.

The speed of the internet majorly depends on which domain name system you are using. You must be using the internet of the service provider and every service provider uses different DNS. If your DNS doesn’t quickly convert the domain into IP address then it might slow your internet. You should change your DNS to increase your internet speed.

Not every time, the default DNS is the fastest. So, you must try other DNS to see if your internet speed increases. There are various ways which you can use to change DNS on your android phone. Here we start:

How To Change DNS On Android Devices.

DNS on Android

Before we tell you to change your DNS, you must know that you cannot connect to any DNS. There are not many open DNS’s which are available to use for anybody. There are two DNS addresses which can be used publicly. One of them is provided by Google and the other one is an OpenDNS. Their addresses are given below:

  • OpenDNS: and
  • Google: and

You must keep these in mind because these will help you while you are changing the DNS manually. Both of these are pretty good and function very well. So, you can use any one of them.

So now you know the public DNS addresses, let’s start with the methods to change your DNS on your android phone.

Method 1:- Change DNS On Android Pie (9).

Android Pie is the ninth major release and 16th version of the android operating system. It has come with various changes. The main change which occurred in it that the method to change DNS in this new version is completely different. In this, you don’t have the option to change DNS for every wifi connection. Rather than that, it allows you to change the DNS for your whole mobile phone.

We can say that it’s a pretty good feature too and with its own benefits. The steps to change DNS in Android Pie are given below:

Step 1. First of all, just navigate to the “Settings” of your android device.

Settings To Change DNS in Android Pie

Step 2. Here, you will see a lot of options. You need to click on the “Network & Internet” option in there.

Step 3. In the new screen which will appear, just tap on “Advanced” option. It will open the Private DNS entry.

Step 4. Then, click on “Private DNS” and tap on Private DNS provide hostname.

Change DNS on Android Pie

Step 5. Just fill in it. Then, simply tap on the “Save” button. If you have your own DNS address then you can use that also.

With this, the DNS will be changed for your device. Whenever you will connect to the internet, DNS which you have filed will be used. As you can see you need to change it one time in Android Pie. If you have a device with other android versions then you should read the second method.

Method 2:- Change DNS on Other Android Versions.

You must have read the process to change DNS on android Pie. But what if you are using an older version of Android like Oreo (8) or earlier. Then the process will be different. As Pie is an updated version so it has different settings. So if you are using an older android version then you must read this.

Unlike Pie, the older versions allow you to change DNS for each of the WLAN connections differently. This is also not a complex task to do and you will do with ease. Here the steps:

Step 1. You have to open the “Settings” on your device. So, just navigate to it.

Step 2. Then, you will see an option as “Wi-Fi” or “WLAN”. Click on that option. You will see various wifi’s in there.

WLAN Settings in Android

Step 3. Simply long-press on the name of a wi-fi connection to be changed. You will see an option as “Modify Network”. Click on that.

Step 4. Touch on “Advanced Options” and after that on “DHCP” under the IP settings.

Step 5. It will open a pop-up. Select “Static IP” from this. Then, you just need to enter the DNS address from the two which we provided you before.

Change DNS in Older Android Version

Step 6. Simply tap on “Save” button.

So now, the DNS will be changed for the particular network. You can use Google DNS or OpenDNS. That’s totally upon you. These were the manual methods to change the DNS. But if you are also lazy like me and don’t want to do this whole process. Then, you can opt for the applications to do it.

Method 3:- Change DNS Using Applications.

Was the manual process too hard for you? Then no need to do it. Because if there are apps available to do the same process with just a tap. Then, why to get in the hustle. First thing I want to clear is that you don’t need to have root permissions to use these applications. So, don’t be in any doubt.

We are going to explain two apps which you can use. These are the best in this business. Here are those apps:

1. DNSet.

DNSet To Change DNS on Android Thumbnail

DNSet is the best application to change DNS on an android device. It is available for free on google play store and has a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. This has been downloaded by 1 million+ users until now. As I said before, no root is required to use this app. It has a very simple working. You just have to download and install on your device. Then just open it and click on “Start”. It will change the DNS for your internet. You can download this application directly from the below link:

PlayStore Download Button

2. Faster & Safer Internet.

Cloudfare DNS Thumbnail is an application by Cloudflare available for free on the play store. Cloudflare is a big name in the DNS industry. You can’t doubt their application. It is one of the world’s fastest and safest DNS resolver. There are various features of it’s like:

  • Easy to Use.
  • Increase the Internet’s Speed.
  • Greater Privacy.

This will not only change the DNS of your device but will also make sure that the speed is the fastest. You should go for this application if you want to change DNS. It has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. Here is the direct link to download this app:

PlayStore Download Button

So, these were different methods and applications which could help you to change DNS on android.


We have explained the manual process as well as the applications to change DNS on an android device. Now, it’s totally upon on you which to use. Just keep in mind that always use the DNS of trusted organizations. As some DNS can snap into your privacy and get your important or confidential data. It’s not a bad thing changing a DNS because it will help you to increase the internet speed. We hope you have liked it and will share with your friends also. Let us know your experience with it. We will be back again with a new trick. Until then, its Goodbye from our side. Hope you enjoy!