How To Increase Internet Download Speed On Android -2019

Internet has become an important part of our life from the time it has been introduced. No doubt, nowadays, it plays a very vital role in day-to-day life. Because it has an answer to each and everything with it. We can surf on it searching something, chatting. And, even we can download a lot of things like audios, videos, Softwares and much more. You might be downloading something right now while you are reading this. But, the downloading speed is the real concern and today, we are going to talk about how to increase download speed on your android phone.

We all use PCs, laptop and smartphones surf over the internet. But, most probably we use our android phones. Because sometimes, the downloading on a PC or a Laptop is a real headache. Plus, it consumes more data as compared to android phones. What if the download on an android phone to start slowing down?

Did You Know? The download speed which we see in our browsers is less. Because, the browsers has to make balance between browsing and Downloading speed.

Sometimes while downloading on our android phones, we all face issues like a very slow downloading speed. There are a couple of reasons for it. We have found out those reasons for you and also the ways to prevent them. Here the methods which you can use to increase your downloading speed on your android phones.

Measure Download Speed

How To Increase Download Speed On Android.

There are various reasons because of which the downloading speed decreases. We have found the right precautions for them. So let’s start:

1. Using Third-Party Applications To Increase Download Speed.

The best way to increase the download speed on your android phone is by using third-party applications. When you download something in your PC/Laptop then you might not use Firefox, Chrome and other browsers for downloading because of the download speed. You must be using any third-party applications like uTorrent or IDM (Internet Download Manager). Because the speed of downloading is pretty fast in them.

The third-party applications help in the same way in android phones. You can download another download manager which will enhance the downloading speed on your phone. There are a lot of download managers for android phones available for free. The best out of them are given below:

I. Advanced Download Manager.Advanced Download Manager Thumbnail

Advanced Download Manager is one of the best download managers for Android and it is available for free on the play store. It is downloaded by above 0.6 million users with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. It is a very simple download manager along with a number of features. I also use this for downloading on my phone. You just have to copy the download link of the file and paste it in its app. Then, it will start the downloading automatically. You will see that the downloading speed will be too fast. Here is the direct link to download it:

PlayStore Download Button

Advanced Download Manager provides a number of features. Like, you can select the number of downloads you want to do at one time. Also, it allows you to choose the speed of downloading. You can choose between the max speed or a particular speed.

II. Downloader.

Download Manager for Android Thumbnail

Downloader is a download manager for android available for free on the google play store with a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. It has also been downloaded by 0.4 million users till now. It doesn’t have a lot of features but it will definitely download the files with fast downloading speed. However, it allows you to manage the downloads as well as has a music library in it. To download any file in this, you just need to download and install on your android phones first.  Here is the direct link to download it:


PlayStore Download Button

After installing it, open the app and it will allow you to navigate to whichever website you want to go. Navigate to the page where the downloaded file is placed. Then, just left swipe on your screen and you will see an option to download that file. Just click on the download button and the download will start.

2. Optimize Your Internet Speed To Increase Download Speed.

If you have installed the download managers and used them. But, you are still unable to increase the downloading speed. Then, we recommend you to optimize your internet speed. There must be different reasons for the slow speed. We will tell you the ways to increase the efficiency of internet speed. Here are the reasons and ways to prevent them:

I. Check Who Is Using Your WiFi (If Using WiFi).

If you are using wifi and still not getting the accurate speed then it must be possible that a large number of devices are connected to it. Nowadays, it’s very common that our neighbor will be using it. So, you must check the list of devices which are connected to your wifi. To do so, you just need to fill in in any browser and it will open the login page of WiFi.

Check Who Is Using Your WiFi

Sometimes this IP address is not the same for all the internet service provider. You must ask your service provider about it. When the login page is opened, you just have to login into your modem. Then, it will show you all the connected device to your wifi. If you see any device other than your devices. You should remove it and it will also allow you to block the device. We also recommend you to change the password of your wifi.

The other precautions you can take is that you can allow the MAC addresses of your device. Then, the devices with the allowed MAC addresses will only be connected to your wifi.

II. Close The Background Applications.

Unlike the above method, this method is for both the wifi users as well as mobile data. There are certain applications on our android phones which keep running in the background and using the internet. This can also slow your downloading speed to some extent. You need to kill these applications in order to increase the speed.

Stop Background Applications

If there are some applications which use the data in the background. You can simply go to settings and then to applications. Here, you will be able to stop those applications. If you don’t use those applications. Then, we recommend you to uninstall those applications. This will not only optimize the speed of your internet and but also the performance of your phone.

III. Complain About Your Download Speed.

In case, you have used all the methods to increase the internet speed. But still, it is not increasing then we humbly suggest you complain to your service provider about the internet speed. They will surely solve this matter for you.

How To Check Your Internet Speed?

If you want to check your internet speed then there are a few ways to check. The ways to check your internet speed are given below:

1. Fast (

Fast Website To Check Internet Speed is a website which you can use to check your internet. Let me tell you one amazing fact that this website is powered by Netflix. This is a very simple website. You simply need to open the website. Then, it will check your internet speed and tell you about it. You can open it any browser in your Android phone. However, this website can also be used in the PC/Laptop.

2. My Speed (TRAI).My Speed Trai App Thumbnail

My Speed is an android application available on the google play store for free with a rating of 4 stars out of 5. It is an official application by Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (Train) which is the official department of communication. This application allows you to check download speed as well as upload speed differently. The direct link to download this application is given below:

PlayStore Download Button

Let me tell you a fact that the downloading speed which you receive is actually 1/8 of the actual speed which is coming from the service provider. So, keep in mind while checking your internet speed.


So these were the ways which you can use to enhance your downloading speed. These methods have helped us too. But remember, not every time, the slow download speed can be enhanced. Because, sometimes, the downloading speed can be slow from the service provider. However, if the speed is accurate from your service provider then these ways will work for sure. We hope you have liked this and will also share it with your friends. We will be back again with some new tricks and tips. Until then, its Bye from our side. Hope you enjoy!