How To Make Google Drive Links Into Direct Downloadable Links

Are you looking to make google drive links into downloadable links? Then, this is the right place for you. Google drive is a product by google where one can upload files of any types. It stores the files virtually which means that the file which will be stored on it will not use your device memory. Google Drive supports a wide range of files from Photoshop files to AutoCAD drawings. Google Drive allows us to share the files with many people at a single time.

Suppose you have uploaded a file on the drive which you want to share with your friends. Now, you just need to share the link of that file with your friends. Then, they will be able to view and make changes to that file. It’s that simple to share a file through google drive. Google Drive also has built-in features like Sheets, Docs and much more.

But the main problem occurs when you need to download a file which is shared with you through a link. Google Drive doesn’t offer a feature to download a file shared via a link. It only provides a feature to that person who owns the file. When you will open the shared file, it will only open in your web browser and not anywhere else.

No need to worry, as we said that you are at the right place if you are looking to download the files through google drive links. There is a simple way which you can use to download that file. So, let’s start:

How To Make Google Drive Links Into Downloadable Links.

When you want to share a file through google drive, you just need to get the shareable link of that file. Then, give that link with whoever you want to share. We will use this link to download the file. So, if someone shares with you a link of a drive’s file then you can easily download.

The whole process is pretty simple. We have divided the process into two parts so that it becomes more understandable. Here the first thing which you need to do:

Part 1: Get Shareable Link of Google Drive File.

Firstly you need to get the shareable link of which is a very easy task. This shareable link is to share the file. The steps to get the shareable link are as follows:

Step 1. Open your Google Drive in a web browser. Here you will see all the stuff which you have stored on the drive.

Google Drive Homepage

Step 2. You have to open the folder where the file has been saved. Just Navigate to that folder.

Step 3. Sometimes the file is at the homepage also. In that case, just left-click on it and select the “Show File Location” option. It will take you directly to the folder where the file has been saved.

Share Button Drive File

Step 4. When you have reached in the folder of the file. You just need left click on the file and click on the “Share” button.

Step 5. After clicking, it will show you a pop-up which will have the shareable link. If it doesn’t have it then click on the “Get Shareable Link” button. You will see the link.

Shareable Link

Step 6. Click on the “Copy Link” button on it.

Copy Shareable Link

With this, the shareable link of that will be copied. Also remember, this link will be used to get the downloadable link of the file.

Part 2: Get The Downloadable Link Of Google Drive File.

In this method, you will get the downloadable link by using the shareable link of the file. So, here the steps which you can use to convert the shareable link into a downloadable link:

Step 1. First of all, you need to open a website. Here is the direct link to the website:

Step 2. When you open the website, you will see a page like below. Here you have to paste the shareable link in the “Enter Your Sharing URL” text field.

Enter Shareable Link

Step 3. Once you have pasted the link then click on the “Create Direct Link” button.

Create Downloadable Link

Step 4. The downloadable link will be generated in the “Output Link” text field within a second.

Downloadable Link Created of Google Drive File

Step 5. Now, you just have to copy the output link and open it in any browser. Then, it will download the google drive file in your system.

In this way, you will get the downloadable link of a google drive file. From now on, if someone has shared a google drive file link, you will be able to make it a downloadable link. Then, download it and you can share the downloadable link too with anyone you want.


This was the process to make google drive links into a downloadable file. You can now convert as much drive links into a downloadable link by using this method. It’s a working method and we have tested it. It’s a feature which is really in demand. So, Google should consider giving this feature. Until then, you can use this process without any worries. We hope you have liked and will share this with your friends. This all from our side, Bye. Hope You Enjoy.