How To Personalize Your Home Screen On Android

Most of us use Android smartphones, it’s because of the features it provides to us. Unlike companies like Apple, it is not built only to prefabricate an identity of a brand rather it focuses on the user experience and their needs. Android is an open-source operating system by Google. Because of this feature, you can personalize your home screen on android.

We can say that personalizing your home screen is a big deal. Because then you don’t have to see the same wallpapers, icons or themes daily. You can change the feel and look of the android phone totally. And, it will be very different from the default look in which it came to you.

I think you have started imagining your phone in a new personalized look, just the way you like it. Even if it’s open-source, android only provides some built-in features to change your home screen. For advanced customizations, you must have good knowledge of the android language. There are some other launchers or applications too, through which you can customize your smartphone.

But why to worry when we are here? We will tell you all the ways to personalize your android smartphone in your own way. So, let’s start with it.

Personalize Your Home Screen On Android.

Personalize Home Screen of Android


As we said before, android does allow us to do some changes in its home screen. Every android smartphone is different from each other. There are different features in them depending upon its manufacturer. Some manufacturers go with a single interface and keep upgrading it. While others always change the interface in their new android phone and try to be versatile.

While there is so much difference between the android phones still there are some unique basic features which are same in almost all of them. You don’t have to download any new or third party application to use them. The customization options which are built-in almost all the android phones are given below:

Change Your Wallpaper On Android.

You can change the wallpaper on your android very easily. It will be available on your smartphone too. The wallpaper can be changed from the home screen itself or by going in the settings of your phone.

Change Theme Of Your Phone.

Changing the theme of an android phone is the most convenient way to customize it. This feature is available in most of the phones. Manufacturers generally give around 4-5 theme options to its users. You can just jump into them. It will change the icons, color theme and much more on your phone.

Other than the above ways, you can also change apps on the drawer or add the widgets which you like. These are very limited features which won’t give you the freedom to personalize your phone. But you can try it and if you still think you didn’t get it right then you can use the other methods.

Use Custom ROM To Personalize Your Android Phone.

Custom ROM to Personalize Android Device

You must have heard a term called “Custom ROM”. If yes, I don’t think if you know what it is about and what work it does. It is great if you already know about it. If not, we will explain it to you.

What is Custom ROM?

Custom ROM, as it’s clear from the name, is a combination of two words. Custom and ROM, Custom means a way to change things in your own way and ROM is Read-Only Memory. The Custom Android ROM generally refers to the firmware of an android device. As you all know, android is an open-source technology. So it is possible for developers to access it’s code then rewrite in their own way. After testing the new code, they can release it. This is exactly what custom ROMs are. They are basically a change or we can say that upgraded version of an android code.

When you buy an android smartphone, it comes with “Stock ROM”, a preinstalled version of ROM. Custom ROMs are mostly used to personalize smartphones and change their default look. It changes the firmware of a device and puts in the new interface. You can install a custom ROM on your device. The process is called “Flashing ROM”.

Important Note: While you are installing ROM on your device, there is a risk of device failure. So, we recommend you to do it very carefully.

After installing a custom ROM, your phone won’t have the default user interface. To install it, you have to root your phone first. There are a lot of custom ROMs available by different developers. You can select any of them which suits you and install it. The best custom ROMs available are given below:

  • Lineage OS.
  • Omni ROM.
  • Paranoid Android.
  • Resurrection Remix OS.
  • Pixel Experience.
  • AOSP Extended.

You can check out the above custom ROMs and use any of them which you think will be more personalized as you. It will change the whole look and feel of your android device. And, you will like it for sure.

Install Launchers To Personalize Your Home Screen.

This is last but not the least method to personalize your home screen on android device. There are different launchers available on the play store. Some of these launchers have the best interface. At least, it’s much better than the default one. Plus, the launchers have endless wallpapers and themes which you can download to enjoy them.

So, if you are also bored like me then we recommend you to install a launcher to get rid of that boredom. Here is the list of the some free and best launchers for android device:

  • Go Launcher.

GO Launcher to Personalize Home Screen

Go launcher is the most popular launcher around the world right now. It is available for free on google play store and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5, reviewed by over 7.5 million+ users. It also has been downloaded by over 100 million people. This launcher can be best for you if you want to shy away from the boring user interface. It has a lot of themes available in it. You can even download more awesome themes in it. There are features like Go themes, wallpapers, widgets and much more. If you want it then don’t give a second thought. Here is the direct link to download it.

PlayStore Download Button

  • APUS Launcher.

Apus Launcher for Android Thumbnail

APUS launcher is one of the best android launchers available on the play store with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. It has over 100 million downloads. This launcher is the most stylish and personalized launchers. You will easily get themes in it with 50,000+ wallpapers. It also has other features like hiding and locking applications. It makes it handier for its users. If you want to enjoy these features then here is the link from where you can download it:

PlayStore Download Button

These were the best launcher to personalize your device. There are other launchers too, like:

  • Nova Launcher.
  • Apex Launcher.
  • Evie Launcher.

You will easily find them on the google play store. These launchers will surely be a big help to change the interface. Just decide well and download whichever launcher you like or feel that it will suit your personality and enjoy the new feel.


These were all the possible ways which you can use to change the user interface of your android device. And, personalize your home screen on android in your own way. We hope we were able to convey this information in an understandable manner and you have liked it.