How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages/Chat (4 Ways)

WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular application on android which is used for messaging in the world right now. We can text our friends on it as well as share pictures, videos and much more. One can say that it is the most simple way to keep in touch with our friends, family and loved ones’. Sometimes while texting someone, we also share some important information with them. And, we don’t want this information to get deleted. There are times when we accidentally delete the messages on WhatsApp. We are not aware that some actions will lead to the deletion of messages or we will lose all the important files on it. Because of which, you will need to recover deleted Whatsapp messages.

Is it really possible to recover deleted WhatsApp Messages?

Suppose you are deleting a thread of messages on WhatsApp. But, you accidentally click on select all and delete. Now, all of your important information over WhatsApp got deleted. Also, if you uninstall WhatsApp then all your messages will get deleted. You must have a question that if it is really possible to retrieve the deleted WhatsApp. We have researched and found that it is possible to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. But, there are only certain ways which you can use to get back those messages.

If your important messages on WhatsApp got deleted because of one of the above reason or any other reason. There is no reason to worry about. We are here with the solutions which you can use to recover your WhatsApp messages. We have found out that there are three ways which you can use to get back the deleted messages.

Note:- Just a note that we recommend you not to perform any type of update over your Android phone once you have found out that your important data is lost. Because it can overwrite the backup files which will be stored in your device. Hence, you won’t be able to recover the lost data any more.

How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages. ?

Method 1. Recover WhatsApp Data Through Google Drive.

This is one of the best ways to get the deleted WhatsApp data back. This is how it works. We all have a google account associated with our phone. There is an option to backup or data to the google drive. WhatsApp performs this backup on a time basis like weekly, monthly or daily. Once the data is uploaded to your google drive then you will be able to restore the data by using your email only.

You can also perform the backup whenever you want to. Not only your WhatsApp messages are uploaded to the drive, but also your WhatsApp media is backed up and store on the drive. And, you can restore the media also whenever you want to. Here are the proper steps which you need to follow in order to restore your data:

Step I. First of all, you need to Uninstall the WhatsApp from your phone.

Step II. Then, install the WhatsApp again on your device.

Step III. After installation, open the WhatsApp and make your account with the same phone number which was before.

Step IV. Your number will be verified now. After it, you will see a screen which will appear as below. If a backup will found then, it will ask you if you want to restore that backup.

Restore Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Step V. Click on the “Restore” button. When you will click on it, it will start the restoration process.

Recovering Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Step VI. Once the restoration of the messages will complete, click on the “Next” button. Then it will restore the media in the background if there is any.

Deleted Whatsapp Messages Restored

You will then see that the messages you deleted before will be back in recovered. Keep in mind that the deleted WhatsApp data will be only restored only if the data has been backed up in your google drive.

Method 2. Restoring Deleted WhatsApp Messages From Local File.

In case, if you failed to back up the messages through Google Drive because you didn’t back up your WhatsApp data before. Then, you can still be able to restore the deleted messages by using this solution. In this method, we use the local files which are stored in the WhatsApp folder itself.

There is just a small limitation of this method which is you won’t be able to restore the media files through this. The deleted messages will be recovered surely. The proper guide of this method is given below:

Step I. First, you have to go to your phone’s file manager and look for the WhatsApp folder. It can be in the internal memory or the sd card.

Step II. Once you found the WhatsApp folder, go to the Database folder in it. You will see a number of files like below:

Local Files of Whatsapp

Step III. The format of these files will be like “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12”. You have to just select any of the files which you want to restore. Then, simply rename it to “msgstore.db.crypt12”.

Step IV. After you have done the process till now, you need to uninstall the Whatsapp and install it again on your device.

Step V. Now, just make your account with the same number you used before and verify the number. It will ask you if you want to restore that backup.

Step VI. Click on the “Restore” button and it will start restoring the messages. Once the restoration is complete, you will see that the deleted messages appear in your WhatsApp.

Here were the simple steps which you can use to recover the deleted messages with the use of the local files. You can restore messages of a particular date by using this method.

Method 3. Using EaseUS To Recover Data From Backup Files On PC.

If you have stored your backups on your PC device then you must use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to restore your WhatsApp data. In this wizard, you just have to use the scan option to get the data. If you don’t want to use the manual method to restore the deleted messages from local files. Then, this will be the best method for you. It will do all the work for you and you just have to do a few numbers of clicks.

This wizard will automatically do the whole work for you, rather than doing it manually. Just keep in mind that there are high chances of this wizard to work only if it hasn’t been a long time since the messages are deleted. Here the steps to use this wizard:

Step 1. First of all, you need to download the EaseUS data recovery wizard. Click here to download it for Windows. Also, connect your device to your PC.

Step 2. After downloading, install it on your PC and open it. You will see a screen which will be like the screen below.

EaseUS Wizard

Step 3. Now, you need to select the disk in which you have put the backups. After selecting the disk, you will be taken to the screen below:

Recover Data from Backup

Step 4. Here, you just need to select the folder where the WhatsApp backups are stored.

Step 5. Once you have selected the folder, just click on the “Recover” button. It will start the restoring of the WhatsApp data.

In this way, you will be able to restore the WhatsApp data automatically by using a PC wizard. Just a note that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work. It wholly depends upon which device you are using.

Method 4. Recover WhatsApp Data Without Having Backup (Root Required).

Perhaps, you must have accidentally deleted your WhatsApp data without taking a backup of it. You may be wrong if you are thinking that it can’t be undone. There are a number of apps which allows you to recover your data without the backup. The only condition to do it is rooting your phone. Yes, you read it right. You have to root your phone in order to get the WhatsApp data back.

Rooting is the process of allowing users of a device to gain administrative access over that device. You can say like gaining root access to the device. Rooting is often performed with the goal of overcoming limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put on some devices. So, how you will root your device? There are a lot of applications available which can root your phone. But, the best app to root your phone is Super Su. Super Su can be downloaded by the link given below:

Once you have rooted your device, you will then need an app which is able to restore the WhatsApp deleted messages and data. There are different apps for PC and Android. We have found out the best apps for you to do the recovery. Here are those apps:

  • Undeleter (Recovery For Android):-

Undeleter App Thumbnail

Undeleter is an android application which is available for free on the google play store. It scans for and recovers the deleted files from the memory card as well as the internal storage only on rooted devices. It comes with a lot of ads. You can get rid of these ads by buying the paid version. Once you have downloaded this, just need to scan for the deleted files. After the scan, it will show you that files which were deleted previously. You can restore whichever file you want to. And, you can recover the deleted WhatsApp backups and restore it. In this way, you will be able to get the messages back.

PlayStore Download Button

  • FonePaw (Recovery For PC):-

Fonepaw Tool

FonePaw is an android data recovery application which is used on Windows PC. With this, you can recover almost all types of android data like texts, images, videos and much more. All Android devices support FonePaw. You just need to root your device to use this. You will need to download it first. Then, connect your Android device to the PC with USB. Open FonePaw app in the PC and add the device in it. It will ask to grant some permissions. After granting the permission, you just need to scan the data and the data which can be restored will appear on the screen. You can select the data you want to restore and click on “Recover Button”. It will automatically recover all the data. With this, you will be able to recover the deleted WhatsApp data.

So, you can see that it’s not hard to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages or data. However, we don’t want you lost your important data. So, we humbly recommend you to take the backup of your WhatsApp data in advance. We hope that you have liked these tricks. We will back again with some other trick. Until then it’s Bye from our side.