How To Trace Mobile Numbers & Find Carrier Location & Details

Nowadays, we all use smartphones to communicate with each other, for the internet and other types of services. And, if we have a mobile phone then we all must have a sim card to make calls. We make calls through these sim cards. Any sim card which we use has a unique number with it. This unique number help us in order to call the right person with whom we want to talk and we call it “Mobile Number”. But have you ever thought if these mobile numbers can be used to trace someone? Yes, it is possible to trace a mobile number and we are going to tell you about how to do it.

We can trace a mobile number but we only get some limited information about it. You will only get a rough idea of its location. The thing is that you can’t trace the location of a mobile number unless you have resources like the CBI or other government organizations have. But that’s not possible for an ordinary man to have those resources.

If you are receiving some unknown calls and want to know from where they are coming then you can use these methods. Because these methods will tell you the region from where the call is coming and the service provider of that mobile number. We have researched some tricks with which you will be able to trace the mobile number and get that information.

Location of Mobile Number

How To Trace Mobile Numbers.

It’s not impossible to trace the location of a mobile number. You just need a lot of resources and also some legal permissions. As it is illegal to trace someone’s mobile number without the court’s permission. This can also put you in some serious trouble. But, if you just want the information about a mobile number then it will be pretty easy. It’s not against any law.

There are different types of applications and websites which help you in getting the information about mobile numbers. You will then also get to know the name whose mobile number is. We have collected some of the best and working applications for you. Here they are:

1. Truecaller.

Truecaller is the name which most of us know because it’s the best application in this business. It’s the most popular application when it comes to getting some information about a mobile number. Truecaller is a mobile application which finds mobile number details globally given a telephone number. You must know about this app but you may don’t know about how it works. Don’t worry we will tell you. Truecaller gets the information about a particular mobile number if that number is registered or if someone has synced their contacts and the number is in the contacts.

Truecaller to Trace Mobile Number

Truecaller also plays an important role in our security also. Because it blocks some of the spam calls itself and also tells from where the call is coming. In this way, you will be able to shy away from unwanted calls. It enables you to block any number which you want to.

You can also take advantage of these features of Truecaller. For that, you simply need to download and install the app on your smartphone. Here is the direct link to it:

PlayStore Download Button

After installing it on your phone, it will ask you to register in it. Just register yourself with your mobile number and then you will be able to search for any mobile number. You can simply search the mobile number whose information you wants. It will tell you about the region, service provider and name of whose number it is. If that mobile number also has a profile of it with Truecaller then the profile will be shown to you. In this way, you will be able to get information about that mobile number and the owner of that number too.

2. GPS Phone Tracker.

GPS Mobile Tracker ThumbnailGPS phone tracker is an android application which enables you to track the location of a person with their mobile number. This is an application which is made keeping in consideration the safety of our loved ones. You can create a group in this then add some of your friends and family with their mobile numbers. Then, you will continuously be able to see their location. It provides you an accurate location.

The working of this app is pretty simple. You just need to download and install the application. It is available for free on the play store. Here is the direct link to download it:

PlayStore Download Button

Once the app is installed, just create an account in it. After creating the account, it will ask you to make a group. You can make different groups of your family and friends. You just have to give permission to access the location. Then, you will be able to see the location in it with the use of a mobile number. So now, you will be able to see if your friend is seriously on its way or not. They can’t lie to you anymore. It also has an emergency feature. In case your, if any of your close ones are in danger then they can tap on the emergency button. Then all of the people who are in the group will be sent a message containing their location.


Mobile Number Tracker Website is a website where you can get information about the mobile number. It is a simple website to track mobile numbers. It will give information like a service provider, connection status and location of the mobile number. The working of this website is pretty simple.

You don’t need any account like Truecaller to search for a number. Just go on the website and select the code of the country to which the number belongs. Then, enter the mobile number whose information you want. Simply click on the “Locate” button. In a few seconds, it will tell you all the available information about the mobile number.


These were the applications and websites which you can use to trace a mobile number and get the information about it. It will help you in case if you are receiving a call from an unknown number. Then, you can search for that number. Although. you can’t see the location of any random person using their number. But, you can do it for your close ones and ensure they are safe. We have personally tested these applications and websites. Also, ensure that all of them are working. We hope you have liked it and will use it in a good way. We will be back again with another trick. Until then, its Bye from our side.