How To Unfollow Everyone On Facebook (Page, Profile & Group)

We all use Social Media to connect to new people and meet them. And, Facebook has the biggest role in the popularity of social media. Facebook is the main reason for such a huge rise in Social media. You might use facebook too. It is a platform where you can add friends, meet people and follow pages or people too. There is a “Following” feature with which you can follow someone and see their posts. But, sometimes we follow a lot of people and this makes our news feed very messy. So, today we are going to tell you about how you can unfollow everyone on Facebook within just a few clicks.

First of all, we can follow anyone on facebook ranging from pages to people we have added as our friends. The only condition is that the person hasn’t blocked you.

Sometimes when we go through our news feed, there is so much of hotchpotch there. It’s very much that you are not able to see the posts that you seriously want to see. It’s only because you are following some pages or people which you don’t have an interest in or you don’t like. There is all irrelevant as well as out of interest material in there. That’s when you need to mass unfollow people from your Facebook account. We have come up with the simplest way to do it. So, let’s start:

Unfollow Everyone on Facebook.

Back in the days, it wasn’t easy to mass unfollow people on facebook. And to do that. you needed to go to each account or page to unfollow them. It took a lot of time and gave your boredom. We also got irritated sometimes too. But, the scenario has changed now. Now, Facebook has provided a feature to unfollow everyone at once.

As the feature is available on Facebook itself, you don’t have to use a third-party application. The steps to unfollow are also very simple. Here are the steps which you can use to unfollow everyone on facebook;

Step 1: Priorly, you must log in to your Facebook account in a browser on your PC or in its Android app. After that, you have to click on the icon as shown in the picture.

Facebook Homepage

For Android App: If you are using an android app then you can go to “Settings & Privacy->Your Time on Facebook”. The rest of the steps are the same for the browser as well as the application. The rest of the steps are same for both the Facebook browser and application.

Step 2: Now, you just have to click on the “News Feed Preferences” option from the menu which appears on your screen.

News Feed Preferences Option

Step 3: A Dialog-Box will appear on your screen and there will be a number of options in it. Here, just click on “Unfollow People to Hide Their Posts” options from the menu.

Unfollow Everyone on Facebook

Step 4: A list of people will be opened. There will be the pages or people which you follow.

Select Account to Unfollow

Step 5: You can also filter the list. The list can be filtered in options like All, Friends only, Pages only and Groups only. You won’t see this option if you are using the android application. The list will change depending upon which option will you select.

Options to Filter

Step 6: After selecting, the option you want to. Then, you just need to tap or click on the people you want to unfollow. You can select all of them or you can choose from them to unfollow.

Process of Unfollowing Everyone on Facebook

Step 7: Once you have selected the people or page which you want to unfollow then simply click on the “Done” button.

With this, the people you must have selected must be unfollowed. From now on, there will not be much mess in your news feed. And, you can scroll through your it without getting irritated. These are the easiest and simple steps which you can use to unfollow everyone on facebook.

Criteria for Following Someone on Facebook.

There are different criteria for following someone on facebook. You should also know about it. It can help you in following fewer people and also prevent your news feed from being confusing. When you follow someone then there are two options available:

Default: By selecting this, the posts of that particular person will appear randomly in your news feed.

See First: While you select this, you will always see that particular person’s post in the first place.

The third option is to unfollow the person. When you send a friend request to someone then you automatically follow that person. In this way, the number of people followed increases. The same case is that if someone sends you friend request then they automatically follow you. You can also reduce the friend requests which you are sending to others. Now, you must have understood the criteria of the following someone. So, you can take some preventions if you don’t want to follow a lot of people on facebook.


This was our verdict on unfollowing everyone on Facebook. You can follow these steps without any tension. As the feature is provided by Facebook. Then, there will not be any threat to your privacy or personal data. Also, we have tried to explain the whole process to you in the most understandable way. And, we hope you must have liked it and will share it with your friends too. We will be back again with some new tips just for you. Until then, it’s a Bye from our Side. Enjoy!