How To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram At Once

Instagram has become very popular in the past few years. You must know that there is a follower’s system on it. If you want to interact with someone, you have to follow him/her. On the other hand, if someone wants to do the same then they have to follow you. If you are also an Instagram freak like me then you must be following a lot of peoples on it. Today, we are going to tell you how to unfollow everyone on Instagram.

Sometimes while using Insta, we just follow someone because we like any one of their posts. It’s pretty common in cases like these that we don’t want to follow them after some time.  Also, if a person doesn’t follow back you then why you are doing it. Either Way, you just want to reduce your following on Instagram. It will also help you in reducing spam from your account.

Personally, I wanted to do it because I don’t like following more no. of people than my followers. But, Instagram only allows unfollowing people one by one. That too, you can unfollow 200 people in an hour. Suppose you are following 2-3k people then you will unfollow them one by one. Never, I won’t be able to do that. It’s pretty annoying and a lot of time wastage. It should be doing the same to you. So, we have found some pretty cool methods which you can use to unfollow everyone from your Instagram profile. So, let’s begin.

How To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram.

When you will reduce your following then your Follower: Following ratio will become good. By this, your account gains a good reputation in the eyes of Instagram. It will surely help in increasing your followers. The reach of your post or account also increases. So, why don’t you reduce your following?

You have many reasons to do it now. If the lack of resource were stopping you from doing it. Then, we are going to provide you that resources to. Just remember, you need to have an android smartphone to use these methods. So, just read them carefully. Without wasting a minute, let’s start with it:

Method 1:- Using Followers Chief Application.

Followers Chief ThumbnailFollowers Chief is an android application available for free on the play store. This app is made for Instagram. It has around 1 million downloads plus 57k reviews. The rating of this app is 4.6 stars out of 5. This application is made by Falcon Follower. Also, it always takes care of your privacy and security.

The main objective and feature of this application are Mass Unfollow. You can unfollow hundreds of profiles with one click. You just need to follow some steps to perform this. Here the steps:

Step 1. Firstly, as you know, you have to download the application from the play store. For your comfort, here is the direct link to download the app.

PlayStore Download Button

Step 2. After installing, open the app. Here, click on the “Unfollowers” button.

Follower Chief Appto Unfollow on Instagram

Step 3. Then you will see a list of people who don’t follow you but you are following them. Tap on “Mass Unfollow” icon.

Step 4. Then, it will ask you how many people you want to unfollow at once. You can unfollow 200 people at one time. Just set the number of people you want to unfollow.

Process of Unfollowing Everyone on Instagram

Step 5. Now, just click on the icon and it will start the process of unfollowing people in the background.

You can now do any other thing on your phone. The application will notify you when the process is over. In this way, you can unfollow people with just a few clicks. If you don’t want to unfollow some profiles then you can star them. Then that profile won’t be unfollowed in any case. It also has some great features like:

  • See who stopped following you.
  • Insight and Statistics of your followers.
  • See your most liked and most commented photos.

Method 2:- Using Followers Assistant to Unfollow Everyone On Instagram.

Followers Assistant App ThumbnailIn case, you don’t like the above application. Then, you can also use this Followers Assistant app. Followers Assistant is developed by Followers Assistant Inc. company. This app is much like Followers Chief in terms of features. It has been downloaded by almost 1 million users with over 94k reviews. With a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

It will surely help you in unfollowing a large number at once. It has a pretty good interface and is simpler than the other apps. So, here the steps which you need to follow:

Step 1. As you know, you have to download and install Followers Assistant application. Here is the direct link to download it:

PlayStore Download Button

Step 2. Once the app installed, open it. Then, click on the arrow button or you can swipe right also.

Followers Assistant Home Screen to Unfollow

Step 3. Now, you will see the list of people who are not following you. You have to click on the “Stop Follow” button.

Step 4. Then, you can select the number of people you want to unfollow at one time. You can unfollow a minimum of 25 people and a maximum of 200 people at once.

Process of Unfollowing People

Step 5. After selecting the number, tap on “Stop Follow in Background” button. And, it will start unfollowing in the background.

In the meantime, you can use your phone as you want. It will notify you once unfollowing is done. Here, you can also star the people which you don’t want to unfollow. This application will also tell you about who have stopped following in the past few days. Also, the main feature of this app is that there no ads on it. Some other cool features of this app are:

  • Save your Close Friends and Hashtag Templates.
  • Very Easy To Use.
  • Check the last comments.
  • No Ads.


Hence, these were the two apps which can be used to unfollow everyone on Instagram. Both of the apps are much like each other in terms of features and simplicity. Now, you don’t have to unfollow people one by one. It will save a lot of your time. We hope you have liked this and will also share with your friends. Until then, its Bye from our side. Hope you enjoy!