How To Verify Facebook Page & Profile (Blue Or Grey Badge Tick)

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with over 1 billion users right now. Each Facebook profile or a page represent ourself but we can make them look similar to each other. Even someone can easily make fake page and profiles for celebrities, business, brand, etc. So You must want your Facebook profile or page to stand out in these large number of profiles. Then, what can you do to make it happen? Yes, you can make it happen by Getting Verified Facebook. Facebook offers two ways to verify your profile or page. First is the blue badge verification and second is the grey badge verification. Today, we are going to tell you about how you can verify your Facebook profile and page.

What Is Facebook Verification?

Facebook verification means that Facebook has given authenticity to a page or profile and that page or profile are operated by the same person or organization whose name it is. Facebook introduced verification because there were a lot of people who started making fake profiles. They would make profiles with the name of Popular people and spread fake news about them. They also misbehave or message some random profile by using their profile. It helps us to differentiate between the real and fake page of a person or organization.

Facebook provides two types of verification badges to users. One is the Blue Badge and the second one is Grey Badge. You must be thinking that there is no difference between. But, there is a lot of difference between them.

Facebook Blue Grey Verification


  • Blue Badge verification confirms the authenticity of Pages, Profiles, and Brands. Blue Badge can be used for pages as well as profile. It indicates that this is the official account of brand, business or person.
  • Grey Badge is only given to Facebook pages and not to profiles. It indicates that the location of a specific business is confirmed.

Either way, you can get your facebook profile or page verified on Facebook.

Just a Note that although the Grey Badge verification is provided by Facebook. But, it is not As noticeable as Blue Badge is. The worth of the Blue Badge is more.

Why Verify Your Facebook Page And Profile?

There are a lot of factors because you must want to verify your facebook page and profile. The most important out of them is that it gives a boost to your profile and increases the credibility of your account. We always to create social proof by linking our social media account to each other. These badges can create social proof for you. If you have a verified page or profile then it will be given higher preference in the Facebook search graph.

When a person will contact you and they will see a verified badge. Then, they will be 100% percent sure that they are talking to an authentic person or organization. A business or organization are helped mostly by it. It helps them create social media hype. So, getting verified on Facebook will always be helpful for you.

Can Anyone Get Verified On Facebook?

Verify Your Facebook


Now, the question will be in your mind if anyone can get verified on Facebook. Our answer is Yes. But, you need to follow some rules and pass the requirements of Facebook. Only some types of Facebook Pages can be verified. If you have a physical location for your page then it helps a lot to get the grey badge. Because it is relatively easier to get a grey badge then the blue badge.

If you want verification for your personal, a blue badge verification, which is relatively harder. Because then you should have a ton of friends & followers and meet the other requirements by Facebook. Facebook has listed some categories that are eligible to get the tag. Those categories are listed below:

  • Journalist.
  • Popular Brand or Business.
  • Government Officials.
  • Celebrities.
  • Media.
  • Entertainment.
  • Sports Companies.

If you fall in any of the above categories, then there are high chances of you getting verified. If not, then there is no need to worry. Because, if Facebook understands that you are worth getting badge then it will give you. Now, how you can request Facebook to verify your page or profile.

How To Verify Your Facebook Page or Profile?

1. Verify Your Facebook Profile or Page With Blue Badge.

Firstly, we will talk about verifying your Facebook profile. Getting your personal Facebook profile verified is difficult with respect to the pages. On personal profiles, you only have friends or followers rather than fans. You will need a lot of followers in order to get your personal profile verified on Facebook. But, you don’t need a lot of followers to get your page verified. There are many factors which you need to keep in mind:

  • You should have professional content in terms of quality as well as high engagement in your profile.
  • The Facebook Profile must have a cover photo and profile photo. The name should also meet Facebook requirements.
  • You should link your Facebook profile or page to your website.
  • Also, Facebook takes care of your security. So, they won’t allow you to get verified if you don’t use the two-factor authentication.

These were factors which you need to keep in mind which requesting for verification. Verification requests for the Blue Badge can be sent by a form. To open the form,

When you will click open page then the following form will appear on your screen:

Form to Verify

There will be an option to select if you are verifying your page or profile. You must have to authenticate your identity so you have to upload a Government-issued photo identity card. They will also ask you if why should your account be verified. You must write a few sentences. We recommend you to write it seriously and accurately. If there are pages which have shown public interest in your profile then you should also add their URL addresses. After filling the whole form, you just need to submit the form.

Facebook will review your verification request. They can mark it with a positive or negative verdict. In case, if your application for verification is rejected then you can re-apply for it after 30 days. If you attain the Blue Verification badge then you need to follow the Facebook Policies. Facebook can remove the blue verification badge if you don’t follow the required policies.

2. Verify Your Facebook Page With Grey Badge.

As you all know, the Grey Badge verification is only used for a business or an organizations page. Before applying for verification of your pages, we recommend you to keep your page in top form. Keep in mind the following factors:

  • A Website.
  • Contact Information.
  • An “About” and Long Form Description of your page.
  • Should have plenty of good and professional content.

There are not so strict rules for the grey badge verification by Facebook. But, if you keep your page professional and credible, it will boost the chances of getting verified. Because Facebook only allows verifying of certain types of pages.

Facebook has disabled the feature to request for a grey verification badge. So, there is only one way left to get it. You need to chat with the support form of Facebook and request them to do so. Here the steps of how you can do it:

Step 1. Click on the following link to continue.

Step 2. When you click on the link, you will see the following page appear on your screen. Click on the “Get Started” option on the page.

Facebook Contact Support Forum

Step 3. You will be now redirected to the following page and you will see a lot of options here. Just click on the “Business Pages” option.

Choose Category

Step 4. After this, you have to click on the “Chat With a Representative” option. It will connect you to one of Facebook’s support agent.

Chat with FB Agent

When you are contacted to the agent, you just need to convince them that you need to request a grey verification badge for your page. And, they should request it on your behalf. The agent will then request for a grey badge for your page. Once the request is submitted, you will then hear back from Facebook within the next few days. In this way, you can verify your Facebook Page with grey verification.

Final Thoughts.

We have described the ways to get your facebook profile or page verified. Most businesses and marketers get them verified to let their social presence noticed. It helps you in getting extra credibility and letting the people know about. It creates a good impression on whoever visits your profile and page. But, you should also look after the content of your page in order to get verified. We hope that this article has helped you appropriately. We will see you in our next article.